Since 2002 the designer duo, Vilsbøl de Arce has created avant-garde fashion with strong ties to art and performance. For the designers, Prisca Vilsbøl and Pia de Arce, fashion is art revolving around human form.

The duo often creates in collaboration with other artists, their talent shooting off in a myriad of creative expressions: modern dance, industrial design, jewellery, art installations, headpieces and uniforms.

Artistic projects serve as the inspiration and framework for the Vilsbøl de Arce collections, and the resulting pieces are intricate fashion constructions with unconventional silhouettes and sculptural characteristics.


Essence is timeless. The work of Vilsbøl de Arce must forever be a search for fundamental experiences more than a temporal aesthetics. We must defeat habit by originality.

Inherent curiosity about ideas and naive intuition must remain a principal drive in our work.

Yet we must explore and test the possibilities within the medium of fashion, always reaching towards other art forms, to strip our work down to a consistent expression.

If we remain courageous, we will never disappoint, neither ourselves, nor others.